About Eaglesoft.

Eaglesoft is a management consulting and system integration company that utilizes the latest technologies and best business practices to provide clients with efficient, effective business solutions.

Eaglesoft leverages deep industry knowledge and proven experience of subject matter experts, technology and management consultants who founded and now lead our company. Team Eaglesoft is made up of an exceptional group of IT and management consultants whose purpose is to help our clients achieve business objectives that lead to less stress and greater operational success.

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Our Services

Support all Information Technology needs including Infrastructure, Database administration, Network Administration, Subject Matter expertise for functional and Technical ERP solutions.

When there is a need for expert support for providing innovative solutions, to automate manual processes and improve existing financial management processes,
and to integrate financial and budgeting systems with other systems, Eaglesoft is your partner.

We can help agencies automate, standardize and integrate financial processes to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and manage risks.
With proven experience supporting resource and financial system management and accounting operations for Federal Agencies, Eaglesoft delivers critical
visibility into key financial processes for enhanced decision making, increased efficiency, and improved data reliability across multiple platforms.


Srikanth Ravi

Karun Chilakapati

Ragha Chillarige